IGS Browser 

Creation of the Database
All the general features and predictions of IGS were populated into MySQL database.
The front end (user interface) was created using HTML, CSS, PHP and JavaScript.
Basic and Advanced Search
A basic search option and advanced search options are provided for easy access to specific requirements of the users. Basic search is a single field search facility. A user can choose search from many fields using the advanced search.
In both Basic and Advanced Search a user can view the HTML table form of the results and also can view and save the tab delimited text form of the results through the link provided. Advanced Search window is shown below.

IGS Details
Pages displaying the DNA sequence features, and protein sequences features including the PDB file viewing option, have been presented to users where ever possible.

IGS Browser
A user can browse the IGS one by one through the IGS Browser or can go to specific IGS by giving the ECOLIGS-ID of the IGS in the IGS Browser Search box. A user can access this from the IGS Browser link and search box provided above the navigational bar.

IGS Genome Map
Using the IGS Genome Map, a user can browse IGS through out the genome. This was created using the CG-View. Up to eight levels of zooming are possible. Clicking on the IGS label will take the user to the details page of that IG.

Dynamic Graphs
Pages have dynamic graphical representation of IGs into various categories based on functional category, gene ontology category and localization. A snapshot of the page with the graphs showing the various categories of IGS showing structural similarity with proteins:

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